5 Wedding Blogs Brides-to-be Should Bookmark

05 May 2016 Other Stuff

Every year, many brides choose Ucruise Sydney to host their hen’s parties or pre-wedding get-togethers. We love seeing brides and grooms, excited for their big day, taking in the sights of beautiful Sydney Harbour.


Since so many wedding parties have celebrated with us, we thought it would be fun to share some of our favourite blogs and websites for brides-to-be. Here are our top five bridal websites:


One Day Bridal Blog

Susanna Chan likes weddings so much she decided to have two! She married her hubby, JJ Richardson, twice - once in Melbourne, Australia, and again in Florida, USA. Now she runs the One Day Bridal Blog, which covers topics from bachelorette party ideas to hosting weddings overseas.


Weddings Expo Australia

If you want some ideas on planning a wedding, then there’s no better place to go than a wedding expo. Fortunately, Weddings Expo Australia makes it easy to find the best expo for you. Their comprehensive website lists all of their Expos, with dates, information, and all the info you need to attend one of these special events.


Teeki Designs

Every bride wants to stand out on her big day - it’s important that you not only look beautiful, but also unique. Designer Amy Oram understands this, and her custom bridal headpieces will absolutely do the trick. She’s got a fantastic blog on her site as well, with beautiful photos that are sure to inspire.


Easy Weddings

While planning a wedding can be fun and exciting, there’s no doubt it’s a very stressful experience as well. Easy Weddings is here to change that - the offer a set of tools to help take the anxiety and stress out of planning your nuptials. You can use their site to plan your seating, balance your budget, or even design your own wedding website.


Something Borrowed

This wedding blog has a unique twist - the woman who runs it adores weddings and attends more than most people. In fact, she attended a whopping 15 weddings in 2011 alone. She’s also got a photographer’s eye, and there’s more than enough wedding inspiration to go around. Check out Something Borrowed here.