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School Formals Boat Hire

Celebrate your graduation in the best way possible

Celebrate your school formal in style with a sophisticated boat cruise on Sydney Harbour. Create lasting memories with your classmates as you enjoy stunning views, delicious food, and a unique send-off.

We have some great Schoolies Packages available. View boats below and get in touch for the best deals!

From $300.00 per hour

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A Beautifully Refurbished Ferry For Large Groups

From: $500.00/hr

Boat carousel image

Sydney Pearl

Large Capacity Function Vessel

From: $650.00/hr

Boat carousel image

MV Supercat

A Large Catamaran For All Ocassions

From: $650.00/hr

Boat carousel image

Barefoot Explorer

Large luxury Catamaran For Big Parties

From: $850.00/hr

Boat carousel image


A Large Catamaran For All Occasions

From: $900.00/hr

Boat carousel image


Huge Pontoon Boat for Large Group Events

From: $990.00/hr

Boat carousel image


Large Catamaran For Large Functions

From: $1,000.00/hr

Boat carousel image

Harbour Spirit

85ft Stylish Multi Level Private Charter Catamaran

From: $1,000.00/hr

Boat carousel image

Starship Aqua

A Glass Pontoon For Grand Occasions

From: $1,200.00/hr

Boat carousel image

Le Bleu

Large Open Plan Party Boat

From: $1,250.00/hr

Boat carousel image


A Huge Vessel With Three Levels and Two Bars

From: $1,375.00/hr

Boat carousel image

The Blue Room

The Blue Room is a versatile event space for every occasion

Fully Catered Available

Rooftop Bar

From: $1,500.00/hr

Boat Hire for School Formals on Sydney Harbour

Each year we get inundated with School Formals enquiries. Everyone wants to celebrate their School Formals event on Sydney Harbour and it's easy to see why. Whether you want something very specific or something super simple we're happy to help. Our experienced staff deal with these events each and every year; and Ucruise has one of the most comprehensive boat hire portfolios on Sydney Harbour so we're confident we can find a suitable boat for your School Formal - just be sure to get in early!

The Best Party Boats in Sydney

Our fleet of school formal boats is among the biggest on the Harbour, with vessels available for as few as 85 people and up to a whopping 950! If you're organising your school formal this year, make it a party your mates will never forget with Ucruise Sydney. It's time to say goodbye to the limos and take it up a notch!

School Formals Boat Packages

Many of our partners offer affordable per person School Formals packages, making the booking process super simple, everything you need including food, drinks, DJ, decorations, photo booths or photographers, and staffing and security to make sure the night runs smoothly.

And if you want something more tailored then speak with our team and we'll do our best to cater for your requirements.

Popular Boats for School Formals
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Sydney Pearl

Large Capacity Function Vessel

From: $650.00/hr

Boat carousel image


Large Catamaran For Large Functions

From: $1,000.00/hr

Boat carousel image

Le Bleu

Large Open Plan Party Boat

From: $1,250.00/hr

Boat carousel image

The Blue Room

The Blue Room is a versatile event space for every occasion

Fully Catered Available

Rooftop Bar

From: $1,500.00/hr

Book Your school formal Boat Hire With Us!

Booking is simple. Just a quick phone call and you're done!

Why Book Your School Formal Boat Hire With Us

Boats for All School Sizes

We know that when it comes to a school formal, not everyone needs a 900-guest superyacht. That's why our school formals fleet contains a bit of everything, and caters to all budgets. Tell our team what you need, and we'll make it happen. Simple!

Awesome Package Deals

It can be daunting to try and organise a party for so many people, so why not take a load off and opt for one of our cracking package deals. We can do super competitive per-person prices that include the DJ, photo booth, catering and more. Just ask when you call!

Memories that Last a Lifetime

We've been doing school formals for years, and have catered to hundreds of schools and thousands of teens. We're sure that our fantastic team is the best placed to ensure that your school formal goes flawlessly and that it's a night you'll remember forever.

No one does school formal boat hires like us

Our sales team can have your formal sorted in minutes, leaving you to take all the brownie points!

School Formal Boat Hire FAQs

What types of boats are available for school formal boat hires in Sydney Harbour?

For school formal boat hires in Sydney Harbour, Ucruise Sydney offers a diverse range of boats, including large function catamarans, luxury boats and even budget-friendly options. These boats cater to different group sizes, from 85 to up to 950 guests, ensuring there's a suitable vessel for any school formal event. But smaller doesn't mean less fun! Check out Morpheus, for example: a 100-guest catamaran that has awesome open spaces for dancing and socialising, plenty of space for a sit down dinner and some of the best catering options around.

What are the popular features available on the boats for school formal hires?

Ucruise Sydney's boats for school formal hires offer a range of popular features such as USB/Bluetooth connectivity, air conditioning, sound systems, fantastic catering, sun loungers and more. While whether or not these come as standard depends on the vessel, you can always request certain ammenities as part of a package deal. These package deals can also include DJs, photo booths and more, so be sure to ask our team for more details when you call.

Are there any specific boat packages tailored for school formals?

There certainly are! Many of Ucruise Sydney's partners offer affordable per person school formal packages, simplifying the booking process by including everything from food, drinks, and DJ services to decorations, photo booths or photographers, and staffing and security. Additionally, the experienced team at Ucruise Sydney can also tailor packages to meet specific requirements for school formal events.

How far in advance should one book a boat for a school formal event?

This is a really important question. Due to the high demand for school formal boat hires on Sydney Harbour, it is recommended to book a boat well in advance to secure the desired vessel for the event (as much as two months). Ucruise Sydney's comprehensive boat hire portfolio and experienced staff can assist in finding a suitable boat for school formals, but it's crucial to make reservations early to ensure availability for the desired date.

What is the price range for school formal boat hires on Sydney Harbour?

The price range for school formal boat hires on Sydney Harbour varies depending on the type and capacity of the boat selected. We have boats in our fleet that can cost as little as $500 per hour, but there are super luxury vessels that can cost up to $2,400 per hour. However, it's worth noting that a more expensive per-hour price might actually work out cheaper per person if there are enough atendees. Our staff can help you sort out the fine details and get the best bang for your bucks.

Can the boats be customized for school formal events?

This option is available with select boat partners, and we can guide you on vessels that permit it. Guests usually purchase decorations themselves; it's not a paid service. The requirement is often for groups to do things like inflate balloons, set up table decor, and place signs, before the boat party begins. This is often done at the marina where their booked boat is moored, and the feasibility varies by boat. Occasionally, it might be restricted if the boat has a prior charter. When making an enquiry, inform us, and we'll strive to accommodate your decoration preferences.

Are there any restrictions or guidelines for school formal boat hires?

Ucruise Sydney provides guidelines and recommendations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for school formal boat hires. These may include rules regarding alcohol consumption, behaviour expectations, security and safety protocols to be followed while on board, all aimed at ensuring a successful and memorable school formal event.

Is it possible to bring a DJ on board?

Several of our boat partners provide the option to rent DJ booths and equipment, allowing you to bring your own DJ. Keep in mind, this incurs an extra fee, and your DJ will be included in the overall passenger count, which is crucial for adhering to safety capacity limits. Like with decorations, setting up a DJ station must be completed before the start of the party. If the boat partner owns the DJ equipment, they will handle the setup. However, if you plan to bring your own gear, it must be transported to the marina where your boat party is set to embark. It's essential to get pre-approval for such arrangements, so please confirm with us when you book. Note that if you arrive at your pick-up location with DJ equipment without prior approval, it may not be permitted onboard.

What is the cancellation policy for school formal boat hires?

Ucruise Sydney's cancellation policy for school formal boat hires may vary depending on the specific arrangements and agreements. It's recommended to discuss the cancellation policy with the Ucruise Sydney team at the time of booking to understand the terms and conditions regarding cancellations and potential refunds for school formal events. For more information, check out our Terms and Conditions here.

What are the available options for photography and capturing memories during the school formal event?

While it's not a service we provide directly, we can assist in arranging photography services or providing recommendations for capturing memories during the school formal event. Whether it's through onboard photographers, photo booths, or external partnerships, the team can help in ensuring that the special moments of the school formal are documented and cherished. Remeber, all this can be part of a special package deal.

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