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Experiencing this thrilling activity in one of the most stunning harbours in the world

Choose from either a hands-on experience or a more relaxing sit back style adventure. Enjoy the wind in your hair and the feeling of being at one with the water. Sailing is a very unique and unforgettable experience.

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Classic Luxury Sailing Yacht

From: $475.00/hr

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Sydney Sundancer

Luxury Yacht Offering Fully Catered & BYO Charters

From: $550.00/hr

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Luxury Motor Yacht For Medium Sized Groups

From: $750.00/hr

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Vintage Sailing Yacht

From: $800.00/hr

Experience the Magic of Sailing on Sydney Harbour

Sailing on Sydney Harbour is a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Combining the thrill of the open sea with the breathtaking beauty of one of the world's most iconic harbours, a sailing trip on Sydney Harbour has a special kind of magic to it that you won't forget in a hurry. At Ucruise Sydney, we offer unparalleled sailing boat hire on Sydney Harbour for groups of anywhere between 8 and 70 passengers, providing an unforgettable opportunity to explore the harbor's hidden gems and feel the kiss of the southern winds on your cheek. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a novice, our crewed sailboats ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Unwind and Explore Anew

Embark on a journey of discovery as you soak in the sights of the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, and the harbour's pristine coves and secluded beaches. With Ucruise Sydney, sailing on Sydney Harbour becomes an adventure accessible to all, regardless of experience. Our expert crews can guide you through the basics of sailing or simply take the helm while you relax and take in the stunning vistas. From team-building corporate outings to birthday celebrations or simply a day out with friends, a sailing boat offers a unique perspective of the harbor that will leave you with cherished memories.

Embrace the Freedom of the Seas

Unlike engine-powered boats, sailboats offer a unique connection to the elements, where the gentle lapping of the waves and the billowing of the sails create a serene and immersive experience. Our sailing boat hire on Sydney Harbour provides the perfect opportunity to escape the ordinary and embrace the tranquility of the open water, all while taking in the iconic sights of Sydney from a fresh perspective. If this sounds like the kind of experience you'd be interested in, speak to one of our friendly team and we'll find the ideal sailing experience for you.

Popular Sailing Boats
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Vintage Sailing Yacht

From: $800.00/hr

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Luxury Motor Yacht For Medium Sized Groups

From: $750.00/hr

Boat carousel image

Sydney Sundancer

Luxury Yacht Offering Fully Catered & BYO Charters

From: $550.00/hr

Boat carousel image


Classy Sailing Vessel Perfect For A Range Of Events

From: $550.00/hr

Feel the wind in your sails with Ucruise Sydney!

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Why Book Your Sailing Boat Hire With Us

An Unbeatable Experience

Our sailing boat fleet includes some of the sleekest, fastest, most luxurious and best-crewed wind-powered vessels on Sydney Harbour. When you stack us up against the competition, we sure you'll find that no one comes close to providing a better day out on the water than us!

The Best Rates

We don't charge a booking fee or add any hidden charges. Simply find the boat you like and we'll send you a quote that has all charges clearly laid out for you. We're confident you won't find a better deal elsewhere. Book with us in minutes with our easy online payment option.

Get Hands On

Whether you're an old salt or a novice landlubber, ask about the sailing boats in our portfolio that offer the chance for guests to get to grips with navigating the old-fashioned way. A tip for HR managers: it's a great team-building exercise as well!

Make memories on sydney harbour!

Book an unforgettable day out for your family, office team or friendship group today.

Sailing Boat Hire FAQs

What is the typical price for booking a sailing boat hire on Sydney Harbour?

The cost for a sailing boat hire depends on the boat, the size of your party and any optional extras. For groups of around a dozen, we'd recommend a smaller vessel such as Solace, which can cost as little as $475 per hour, which broken down per person is a great deal! For larger groups such as office outings, a larger craft such as Sydney Sundancer works out as the most affordable option, splitting a slightly higher fee among as many as 70 guests. From there prices increase depending on the duration of your cruise, the time of season and weekday or weekend preference, and if you want any catering. All costs, of course, will be clearly laid out in your quote before you confirm the cruise.

Will there be any hidden costs when booking a sailing boat hire with Ucruise Sydney?

Never! We are firm believers in cost transparency. When you make an enquiry on our website, we offer you an initial quote estimate to provide a general idea of pricing. Following that, our dedicated team will prepare an official quote with all the costs clearly itemised (e.g. booking fees and optional extras) that includes a secure payment link, allowing you to confirm and secure your selected boat for your event.

Can I get hands on and sail the boat if I book a sailing boat hire through Ucruise Sydney?

Our portfolio does include sailing boats where we can set this up, of course. Nevertheless, all our boat hires are skippered and crewed, so you won't be taking the boat out alone. We think it's a great way for people to get a real understanding for the intricacies and skill that goes into sailing, and it can also be a great team building experience for local companies looking to spice up their office retreats! There are some sailing boats, however, where the passengers won't be allowed to take the wheel, so please do make sure to ask before booking if this is something you'd like to include in your experience.

What is the best time of day to book a Sydney Harbour sailing boat cruise?

There's plenty of wind to go around on Sydney Harbour, so picking a time of day will come down more to other factors. Mornings tend to be somewhat quieter in terms of water traffic (and cooler as well), while the most popular cruising times is around midday. Afternoon sailing experiences are really special, though as you silently skip over the water and watch teh sun set over Sydney. It's out of this world!

How far in advance should I arrange and book a sailing boat hire?

Our sailing boat portfolio is smaller than some of our other boat classes, and bookings do tend to fill up quite quickly, especially in summer. We'd recommend leaving at least 3 weeks' notice when you book one of our sailing boats, just to be on the safe side.

Do you offer BYO food and drink options for sailing boat hires?

All our sailing boats have both BYO and catered food and drink as options. They are also equipped with Eskys and/or fridges to store and chill your drinks, along with galley space and cooking facilities for storing and preparing food. For those opting for BYO, we recommend considering boat-friendly food and drink choices, favouring finger foods over items requiring utensils. Additionally, opting for cans and bottles over cocktails is advisable to prevent spillages and ensure a hassle-free celebration on the water. However, if BYO isn't your preference and you'd rather have everything taken care of, many of our vessels offer catering options with comprehensive food and drink menus, providing a hassle-free and delightful culinary experience for your boat trip at reasonable rates.

Are there specific safety measures in place for sailing boats on Sydney Harbour?

Safety is a top priority at Ucruise Sydney, and sailing boats are no exception to this rule. All our sailing vessels and staff meet the latest legal and recommended safety requirements, and you'll also be given a thorough safety briefing to ensure a secure and stress-free experience for all passengers.

Are there sailing boats available for hire that are ideal for corporate events or special occasions?

Yes, we have several sailing boats that are ideal for corporate events or special occasions on Sydney Harbour. For example, the luxury motor yacht Sydneysider can accommodate up to 50 guests and provide catering, making it a very popular option for both corporate events and private functions. The classy Waethersfield, meanwhile, with her Kauri timber hull and old-world charm, is the perfect choice for wowing potential investors or celebrating a contract with new clients.

What happens if there is rain or bad weather on the day of my cruise?

Regrettably, if it rains, your small boat hire will proceed, as outdoor activities in Sydney adhere to this policy across boat hire agencies. Many of our boats feature canopies, coverings, or are fully enclosed to shield guests from rain. It's advisable to check the weather beforehand and dress accordingly. If you fail to attend, 100% of your payment will be forfeited. Rain or shine, most groups thoroughly enjoy the experience. Only in cases where Maritime deems the weather hazardous do we consider a postponement rather than a refund so it's important you are clear on all our terms and conditions prior to booking.

What makes sailing on Sydney Harbour a better experience than an engine-powered vessel?

Sailing on Sydney Harbour offers an exceptional and thrilling experience, allowing you to cut through the waves with nothing but the wind propelling you forward and the sound of the spray lapping at the hull. While we wouldn't say it's better, necessarily (that depends on your tastes), there is something about sailing and the sense of freedom on the water it provides that make it a truly unforgettable adventure every time you're out there.

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