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Party your way with a private bucks cruise on Sydney Harbour!

Celebrate the groom-to-be with an unforgettable bucks party cruise on Sydney Harbour. Enjoy exciting activities, stunning views, and create epic memories before the wedding.

View suitable Bucks party boat hire options below.

From $300.00 per hour

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Champagne Lady

A Spacious Catamaran Great For All Occasions

BYO Food & Drink Available

BBQ Onboard

From: $300.00/hr

Boat carousel image


Small Catamaran For Big Parties

BYO Food & Drink Available

BBQ Onboard

From: $325.00/hr

Boat carousel image


A Luxurious Catamaran For All Occasions

BYO Food & Drink Available

BBQ Onboard

From: $325.00/hr

Boat carousel image

Elysium II

A Luxurious Catamaran For All Occasions

BYO Food & Drink Available

BBQ Onboard

From: $325.00/hr

Boat carousel image

Whats Kraken

Small Catamaran For Parties & Gatherings

BYO Food & Drink Available

BBQ Onboard

From: $325.00/hr

Boat carousel image

Cavok II

Motor Cruiser for Smaller Groups

From: $330.00/hr

Boat carousel image


Small Catamaran For Social Gatherings

From: $330.00/hr

Boat carousel image


Luxurious Catamaran for smaller groups

From: $350.00/hr

Boat carousel image


Spacious 20 Person Catamaran

From: $350.00/hr

Boat carousel image

One Ocean

A Charming Catamaran For Social Gatherings

From: $350.00/hr

Boat carousel image

Perfect Day

A Small Sized Catamaran for a great day out

From: $350.00/hr

Boat carousel image


Lovely Catamaran For Smaller Groups

From: $350.00/hr

Bucks Party Cruise on Sydney Harbour - Raise the Bar on Celebrations

You've been bestowed with the honor of throwing the ultimate bucks party, and we've got the winning formula for an unforgettable bash! Bid farewell to the hassles of party planning and say hello to an epic Sydney Harbour cruise filled with camaraderie, laughter, and some seriously memorable moments.

We understand that organizing a bucks party can be a formidable task, but your search for the perfect venue ends here. A bucks party aboard a Sydney Harbour cruise is a decision everyone will toast to – and the rave reviews from our previous guests say it all! Sydney Harbour provides the ultimate stage for a celebration with your mates, offering a backdrop of sparkling waters, iconic landmarks, and those jaw-dropping 'wow' moments that will be recounted for years to come.

Boats for every Bucks event

No matter the size or style of your bucks party, our diverse fleet has you covered. Planning an intimate gathering with your closest mates? Check out our Floating Lounge, where the communal vibe fosters close connections and memorable banter. Or, if you're going all out with a larger gathering that's set to rival a neighborhood block party, Champagne Lady is your go-to. With its spacious deck, a BBQ for mouthwatering eats, and a giant Esky to keep the drinks chilled, it's got everything you need for a bucks party of epic proportions.

Catering and more

Our boat options include packages with catering and drinks selections tailored to your bucks party. And for those who want to add an extra layer of excitement to the celebration, we've teamed up with select companies offering adult entertainment – a popular choice for bucks parties. Plus, if you prefer to bring your own drinks and nibbles, many of our boats offer BYO options, giving you the freedom to customize your party exactly as you envision it.

Your dream Bucks party awaits!

We've hosted countless bucks parties on Sydney Harbour and are here to ensure yours is nothing short of legendary. If you have any questions or need assistance with planning, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your ideal bucks party is just an inquiry away, and we're thrilled to help you create memories that will be talked about for a lifetime!

Popular Bucks Party Boats
Boat carousel image


An Affordable Catamaran For Large Groups

From: $500.00/hr

Boat carousel image

Champagne Lady

A Spacious Catamaran Great For All Occasions

BYO Food & Drink Available

BBQ Onboard

From: $300.00/hr

Boat carousel image

Ali B

Great Catamaran For Medium To Large Groups

From: $600.00/hr

Boat carousel image

The Floating Lounge

Luxurious Boat For Families & Small Groups

BYO Food & Drink Available

Beach Hopping Available

From: $325.00/hr

Bucks Party Packages

Basic Bucks Package

Max. 12 Guests
4 Hour Cruise
Skipper Included
Includes Wharf and Fuel Fees
Includes BYO Food and Drink
Catering Options Available

Total Price: $1,500
($125 pp equivalent)

Standard Bucks Package

Max. 25 Guests
4 Hour Cruise
Skipper, Wharf and Fuel Included
Includes Premium Drinks Package
Includes 1 topless Waitress of Choice
Includes Gourmet BBQ Cooked Onboard

Total Price: $3,000
($120 pp equivalent)

Premium Bucks Package

Max. 30 Guests
4 Hour Cruise
Skipper, Wharf and Fuel Included
Includes Premium Drinks Package
Includes x2 Nude Waitresses and Show
Includes Gourmet BBQ Cooked Onboard

Total Price: $4,500
($150 pp equivalent)

Organise Your Bucks Party Boat Hire With Us!

Simply tell us what your ideal Bucks party should be like, and we'll find something suitable.

Why Arrange Your Bucks Party With Us

The Largest Range

We have over 80 boats in our portfolio that are perfectly suited to Bucks boat parties. We have vessels that can accommodate any number of guests with the majority of our fleet offering boats that are great for party sizes of around 12-30.

The Best Rates

We don't charge a booking fee or add any hidden charges. Simply find the boat you like and we'll send you a quote that has all charges clearly laid out for you. We're confident you won't find a better deal elsewhere. Book with us in minutes with our easy online payment option.

Great Entertainment Options

We've ran hundreds of Bucks boat parties during our time in operation and understand that the best entertainment is a common requirement. We've partnered with a superb entertainment agency that won't disappoint.

We can have your bucks party sorted in mintues

We'll have a quick chat and get it locked in. Job done! Best Bucks party award goes to you!

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Bucks Boat Hire FAQ

What is the typical price for booking a Bucks party cruise on Sydney Harbour?

The cost for a Bucks boat party is surprisingly affordable; assuming group sizes are around 12-20 people, booking a catamaran is an ideal option, where the overall cost is in the region of $1,800, split between 20 guests makes it around $90 per person. A popular boat choice that we have a lot of Bucks parties on is Champagne Lady. Compared to other activites and experiences in Sydney this is a fantastic rate. From there prices increase depending on the size of boat you need, the type of boat you want, the duration of your cruise, the time of season and weekday or weekend preference, and if you want any catering.

Will there be any hidden costs when booking a Bucks party cruise?

At Ucruise Sydney, we believe in transparency when it comes to costs. Aside from a standard card processing fee, there are no concealed charges or additional fees when you make a booking. When you visit our website, we offer you an initial quote estimate to provide a general idea of pricing. Following that, our dedicated team will prepare an official quote that includes a secure payment link, allowing you to confirm and secure your selected boat for your event.

How long is an ideal duration to book a Bucks party cruise for?

A significant portion of the boat parties we facilitate typically span a duration of 4 hours. This timeframe is considered optimal, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the harbour experience and make the most of your day. While 4 hours is a popular choice, there are occasions when groups opt for extended durations. In cases where the weather is delightful, time has a way of swiftly passing, leaving revelers wishing they had reserved boats for 5 or 6 hours to prolong their enjoyment.

What is the best time of day to book a Bucks party cruise?

Generally, groups aim to capitalise on Sydney's stunning weather by scheduling their boat parties around midday, concluding at 4pm when opting for the popular 4-hour duration. Nevertheless, there are instances where Bucks groups opt for later bookings, typically around 3pm or 4pm, intending to enjoy a sunset cruise. This later timing strategically positions everyone for a seamless transition to continue the celebration back in the CBD with food and drinks around 7pm or 8pm onwards - a great itinerary for a Bucks.

How far in advance should I arrange and book a Bucks party cruise?

The timing for booking your boat party depends on the specific time of year and the desired day. Generally, individuals prefer hosting Bucks parties on weekends, resulting in these slots being in high demand. During the Summer season, spanning from September to March, we strongly recommend securing your booking at least 2 months in advance, especially if you plan to host your Bucks party on a weekend. In the Winter season, from April to August, booking approximately 4 weeks in advance should be adequate to ensure availability for your preferred date.

Do you offer BYO food and drink options for Bucks parties?

Absolutely, numerous boats within our diverse portfolio offer this flexibility. These boats are equipped with Eskys to store and chill your drinks, along with galley space for storing food until it's ready to be served. Most catamarans, often chosen for Bucks parties, come with onboard BBQs that are ready for use, and the crew is more than willing to take charge of the cooking, enhancing your boat party experience. For those opting for BYO, we recommend considering boat-friendly food and drink choices, favouring finger foods over items requiring utensils. Additionally, opting for cans and bottles over cocktails is advisable to prevent spillages and ensure a hassle-free celebration on the water. However, if BYO isn't your preference and you'd rather have everything taken care of, many of our esteemed boat partners offer catering options with comprehensive food and drink menus, providing a hassle-free and delightful culinary experience for your boat party.

Is it possible to decorate the boat for my Bucks boat party?

This option is available with select boat partners, and we can guide you on vessels that permit it. Guests usually purchase decorations themselves; it's not a paid service. The requirement is often for groups to do things like inflate balloons, set up table decor, and place signs, before the boat party begins. This is often done at the marina where their booked boat is moored, and the feasibility varies by boat. Occasionally, it might be restricted if the boat has a prior charter. When making an enquiry, inform us, and we'll strive to accommodate your decoration preferences.

Is it possible to bring a DJ on board?

Several of our boat partners provide the option to rent DJ booths and equipment, allowing you to bring your own DJ. Keep in mind, this incurs an extra fee, and your DJ will be included in the overall passenger count, which is crucial for adhering to safety capacity limits. Like with decorations, setting up a DJ station must be completed before the start of the party. If the boat partner owns the DJ equipment, they will handle the setup. However, if you plan to bring your own gear, it must be transported to the marina where your boat party is set to embark. It's essential to get pre-approval for such arrangements, so please confirm with us when you book. Note that if you arrive at your pick-up location with DJ equipment without prior approval, it may not be permitted onboard.

Do you offer any special Bucks party packages?

Absolutely! We regularly feature boat hire deals to enhance affordability. Take advantage of our year-round specials, including mid-week discounts and Sunday deals, available on select boats. These promotions aim to make your boat party experience both enjoyable and cost-effective.

Is it possible to extend my boat party cruise on the day?

For some of our boats this is possible. Elysium II, Champagne Lady, The Floating Lounge and Sirocco have the option to offer extensions if there are no bookings after your boat party. Typically each additional hour will be in accordance with normal pricing but discounts for additional hours are offered from time to time.

What happens if there is rain or bad weather on the day of my Bucks party?

Regrettably, if it rains, your boat party will proceed, as outdoor activities in Sydney adhere to this policy across boat hire agencies. Many of our boats feature canopies, coverings, or are fully enclosed to shield guests from rain. It's advisable to check the weather beforehand and dress accordingly. If you fail to attend, 100% of your payment will be forfeited. Rain or shine, most groups thoroughly enjoy the experience. Only in cases where Maritime deems the weather hazardous do we consider a postponement rather than a refund so it's important you are clear on all our terms and conditions prior to booking.

Is there a planned route around Sydney Harbour or can one be suggested?

Our experienced skipper can navigate various routes for your boat party, considering factors like weather and wind direction. The goal is to provide a smooth sailing experience, especially if you plan to anchor, have a BBQ onboard, and enjoy a swim. If you have specific destinations in mind, feel free to inform us, and we'll do our best to accommodate your preferences. Popular anchoring spots include or near Milk Beach and Athol Bay.

What would be your top Bucks party boat recommendations for a group up to 12 people?

For up to 12 people there are some fantastic options. The most popular being The Floating Lounge which is exactly as the name suggests, a luxurious lounge with a communal feel, great for smaller sized Bucks groups. For other smaller capacity boats check out our small boats selection.

What would be your top party boat recommendations for a group of around 20-30 people?

Without a doubt Elysium II or Champagne Lady. Catamarans are a great option for larger Bucks groups from 20-30 guests. Catamarans all typically have great sound systems on board, Eskys, BBQs and storage, and ample deck space to lounge about and sunbathe and for any entertainment options. Check out our other Catamaran hire options.

Do you offer any entertainment options for Bucks parties or do i have to arrange myself?

Because we have helped arrange a lot of Bucks party cruises during our several years of operation we have built some great partnerships with entertainment companies. And just like with our professional customer service we only work with the best entertainment companies which we feel match our level of service. Rest-assured we have your Bucks entertainment covered! Feel free to enquire on these specifics when you book with us. Alternatively if you would like to plan something yourself you can, but we would of course need to be advised of the details.

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