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A Unique Experience - A Night On Sydney Harbour
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2 Great Cruise & Stay Options

Option 1 - Sunset Cruise & Overnight Stay

Description Price
2 Hour Cruise $500
Bottle of Champagne FREE
1 Night Stay $830
Cleaning Fee $40
Service Fee $130
Total $1,500

Option 2 - Overnight Stay & Morning Cruise

Description Price
2 Hour Cruise $500
Breakfast FREE
1 Night Stay $830
Cleaning Fee $40
Service Fee $130
Total $1,500

Overnight Stay ONLY

Description Price
1 Night Stay $830
Cleaning Fee $40
Service Fee $130
Total $1,000
The Cruise

Whether you opt for the Sunset Cruise or the Morning Cruise you'll get to experience the best of Sydney Harbour. You'll pass sights including the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, the historical sites Fort Denison and Cockatoo Island, also the Botanical Gardens, Barangaroo, Luna Park and affluent suburbs such as Lavendar Bay and Balmain. Time and weather permitting the skipper will hoist the sails and you can experience a little bit of sailing first hand.

The Stay

You'll be moored in the calm water area near Luke's Bay in Drummoyne slightly passed the affluent suburb of Balmain. The skipper will ensure you have everything you need to enjoy the peace and tranquility of a night onboard your private vessel on Sydney Harbour. Watch TV, listen to music, cook a meal and enjoy a few glasses of wine, or just relax and enjoy some star-gazing - take advantage of this unique experience. In the morning your skipper will come back to you to take you back to land (or on your cruise if you have opted for the Morning Cruise option).

Itinerary Option 1: Sunset Cruise & Stay
April - Sept
Pick up: 4:00pm
Sunset Cruise: 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Mooring up / briefing: 6:00pm - 6:30pm
Private Stay: 6:30pm - 8:30am
Skipper aboard: 8:30am - 8:45am
Drop off: 8:45am - 9:00am (flexible)

Oct - March
Pick up: 6:00pm
Sunset Cruise: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Mooring up / briefing: 8:00pm - 8:30pm
Private Stay: 8:30pm - 8:30am
Skipper aboard: 8:30am - 8:45am
Drop off: 8:45am - 9:00am (flexible)

Itinerary Option 2: Stay & Morning Cruise
April - Sept
Pick up: 6:00pm
Mooring up / briefing: 6:15pm - 6:45pm
Private Stay: 6:45pm - 8:45am
Skipper aboard: 8:45am - 9:00am
Morning Cruise: 9:00am - 11:00am
Drop off: 11:00am

Oct - March
Pick up: 8:00pm
Mooring up / briefing: 8:15pm - 8:45pm
Private Stay: 8:45pm - 8:45am
Skipper aboard: 8:45am - 9:00am
Morning Cruise: 9:00am - 11:00am
Drop off: 11:00am

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The Vessel

You'll be spending the night on a Seawind 1000 Catamaran (in commercial survey). The catamaran has 4 sleeping sections; 2 that can very comfortably sleep 1 adult. 1 that can comfortably sleep 2 adults and the main saloon area that can comfortably sleep 3 adults. There is a kitchen on board complete with utensils, glassware and crockery, and a fridge and freezer. There is a washroom on board with toilet. There is a surround sound system which you can connect your phone to for entertainment and a full working BBQ and large esky to keep those drinks cold and handy. The boat provides easy water access and the trampolines on the front provide a great platform to lay down for relaxation and star-gazing.

As often as you require a 24 hour helpline to your skipper will be available at all times.

- Food and drink (if desired)
- Swimming Gear
- Towels
- Any medication
- Warm clothing (in case needed)
- Bedtime clothing
- Sun Cream
- Sunglasses
- Camera!

Please limit your bags to one soft bag per person (plus your food and drinks) and please wear soft-soled (non-marking) shoes. Please don't wear heels, black shoes or suitcases as it can cause damage to the fibreglass portions of the boat.
Bed linen - this will be provided.

- No high heels, ensure sensible footwear and clothing is worn.
- No running, swinging or climbing on rigging, railings, or anything structural onboard.
- Do not stand on the hatch covers as they can be slippery.
- If gas is used for the BBQ please ensure to turn off when finished.
- Smoking is strictly prohibited.
- Strictly no drugs on board.
- DO NOT undo the anchor, or attempt to drive the vessel at any time.
- DO NOT undo any of the rigging or attempt to open up the sails.
- Please avoid throwing anything down the toilet that could cause a blockage.
- Please drink responsibly.

We do accept cancellation however only up to 7 days before your stay date. You will only receive a 50% refund (minus service fees).

A cancellation within 7 days of your trip is non-refundable.

Only in the event of adverse weather will a full refund be given however you do have the option to reschedule to a different day.

Who do I call in the case of an emergency?

Our skipper will be contactable 24/7 and there will be two numbers you can call. These will be supplied upon booking your experience.

What is a mooring?

A mooring is a buoy in the middle of the bay. Hence, the catamaran is not at a marina, where you can easily walk on and off.

Do I need a boating licence or boating experience?

Not at all. Our skipper will drive the yacht during the sailing tours and to get on and off the mooring. You are welcome to join in when we are sailing to help crewing and take control of the helm as well.

Can we get off the boat?

Yes, you can certainly go for a swim. However, since the yacht is on a mooring, getting onto dry land isn't straightforward. You can contact our skipper if you do need to get off for whatever reason.

Will staying on the vessel be safe?

Absolutely! The yacht is equipped with all the safety equipment since it is in commercial use and NSW Maritime have very strict regulations in that regard.

Will I get sea sick?

It depends on each individual. Since the boat is on the water, it will rock a little bit. However, Drummoyne Bay is well sheltered so it is generally quite calm, especially overnight when the traffic on the harbour stops, also a catamaran is much more stable than a classic monohull. So most people that stay on the yacht have no problems. But if you are inclined to get sea sick or are unsure about how you will react, then we do recommend you that you bring some sea sickness pills. There are no refunds for sea sickness so please take all necessary precautions.

What are the facilities like?

We have a 400L water tank on board. Electricity is supplied by four batteries on board. There are no power points that you can use however we use have a 12V plug that you can use to keep your phone charged (please bring your own USB connection). The boat has limited resources in terms of water, electricity and waste/toilet disposal facilities, so please use only what you need. Please also note that you are staying on a charter boat so the experience is more akin to "glamping" (glamorous camping) rather staying at a five star hotel. Your expectations of the facilities should be adjusted to reflect this.

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