Sydney Harbour Wharf Map

Sydney Harbour Wharf Locations

If you're planning a Sydney Harbour cruise you may want to check out possible wharf locations in your area that you may be able to get picked up and dropped off at to make your cruise experience much more convenient.

Many of Sydney's wharfs have been constructed for ferries and so due to the construction of them, certain Sydney Harbour wharves may be unsuitable or even unsafe for your event. Ucruise can advise on what wharves are the most suitable.

Some of the most common wharves the get picked up and dropped off at are the King Street Wharves in Darling Harbour, allowing you to continue your day or celebration being close to many popular eateries and shopping precincts.

Other typical wharves are Rose Bay and Double Bay in the East, Lavender Bay in the North, and Town's Place East or West in the South.

Should you have an enquiry about a specific wharf please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Sydney Harbour Wharves Interactive Map

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