Vivid Festival Map & Brochure 2018

Ucruise do an awful lot of Vivid cruises on Sydney Harbour during the Vivid Festival. We often get asked 'Do you have a Vivid Festival Map?'. Well this year we decided to post one online, see the main precinct one below:


Vivid Festival Map 2018

 Click to Enlarge[/caption]

For all precinct maps you can download them here.

If you want even more information on Vivid Festival you can download the Official Vivid Festival 2018 Brochure (just the Vivid Festival section). It contains everything you need to know about the festival, including the Light Walk, different Precincts, music performances, the map (also above), and general getting about during the festival.

Because Vivid Festival is so big and stretches to many places all over Sydney (not just the CBD) we've created our Best Things To Do At Vivid Festival - top picks for families, for those with limited time, for those outside of Sydney, and for those wanting to avoid the crowds completely!