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This manicured little island sits in the centre of Iron Cove, with a panoramic view over the Sydney Harbour National Park. Like many of the islands within the park, Rodd has had a variety of different uses, including scientific laboratory and animal quarantine. It holds a claim to fame as the temporary home for Sarah Bernhardt's dogs during their quarantine period in 1891.

But the present is what concerns most visitors to Rodd Island, rather than the knowledge that it was named after Brent Clement Rodd, who tried to buy the island in 1842. Instead visitors are more interested in exploring the two permanent gazebos, and the historic hall, perfect for weddings and events.

There's a definite Victorian feel about Rodd Island, visible in the well maintained lawns and the ornate buildings that sit proudly in the middle. Yet the modern view that every eye is drawn to defies you from becoming too comfortable in the past.

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