As you step onto this small island off the tip of Darling Point, it is hard to believe you are still technically in the city. As numbers are limited to 150 at any one time and have to be booked in advance, you will leave the crowds behind and sink into a feeling of relaxation and peacefulness. Clark Island is relatively small at only 0.9 hectares and features several levels to get the most amazing views of Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Clark Island is named after Lieutenant Ralph Clark, a naval officer who arrived into Sydney with the First Fleet. Officers were allowed to keep vegetable gardens that were tended to by convicts. Clark established a vegetable on the island which fairly quickly ceased as his produce was getting stolen. Clark Island is now uninhabited and is part of the Sydney National Park and open to the public.

Things To Do

Clark Island is somewhere to go for peace and quiet and relaxation. It's a secluded island that is never busy and a place so close to Sydney where unusually you can feel isolated from the all the hustle and bustle. A great place for a picnic and benches are available. It has toilet and water facilities so you're set for an afternoon here. Clark Island can be hired privately for functions and many people do hire it for wedding ceremonies. There is an annual event called Wine Island Festival that happens here in November; music, food, wine and relaxation for a set number of lucky people who can get tickets. More information here.

Getting There

You can only get to Clark Island privately, so water taxi, your own vessel, or kayak. All entries cost $7 per person as a landing fee and payment ccan be made by calling 13000 PARKS (13000 72757). Children 0-4yrs are free.

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