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Covid-19 - Cruising During Current Isolation Circumstances

07 May 2020
Ucruise has been carefully monitoring the current Covid-19 crisis to determine whether we can safely, and of course legally, operate cruises on Sydney Harbour.Having conversed with the local authorities on the matter we are delighted to be able to offer fishing cruises to our customers.These experiences are only available on a very small selection of[...]

Introducing The New Fleetwing II

27 May 2019
Fleetwing II has had a make-over!Ucruise Sydney is pleased to showcase the new and improved Fleetwing II. This fantastic vessel has now become even better! The new fit-out has made Fleetwing II bigger, brighter, more comfortable, and super practical and functional.Split across two levels Fleetwing II has ample room to accommodate all kinds of events [...]

Unique Bucks Party Ideas

24 Jan 2019
Are you planning a bucks party? Maybe you’re the best man planning to surprise your mate, or maybe you’re the groom who wants to give your gang the best night out. Either way, here are some unique bucks party ideas for something new and different. Twin Peeks Restaurant: Unlimited Exotic FunPacked with style, charm, and hot women, Twin Peeks Ling[...]

Best Private Boat Party Options

15 Jan 2019
Nothing can beat the idea of immersing yourself in Sydney’s most spectacular sights than hosting a private boat party. If you are stuck for ideas to host a birthday, hen’s party, corporate event or a private gathering, why not opt for a private boat party - they are fast becoming the go to option!The most popular option for private boat parties are o[...]