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Restaurants With A Harbour View: Darling Harbour

Just a 10-minute walk from the city centre, Darling Harbour is a great pedestrian precinct on Sydney Harbour, packed with entertaining activities, must-visit tourist attractions, and enticing restaurants. This area is home to theatres, museums, and many evocative entertainment venues. And, if you are hungry and craving for something your favourite or[...]

Essential Sailing Knots With Pictures

Sailing is a great pastime packed with fun, adventure and relaxation. But, at the same time, sailing requires skills and dexterity. Sailing is an activity that prioritises safety and one of many ways to achieve that is educating yourself about essential sailing knots.Sailors routinely use ropes or lines to attach their boat to a mooring buoy or post [...]

Top Snorkelling Spots In Sydney Harbour

Do you love to explore the underwater scenery and are looking for some exciting places for Snorkelling, this time, in Sydney Harbour? If yes, you are in luck! Many tourists from all corners of the world flock to Australia to spend their vacations snorkelling in Sydney Harbour. Whether you are a kid, young child or an adult, looking for an unforgettab[...]

Best Boat Hire Water Toy Add Ons

08 Dec 2022
Summers in Sydney sees temperatures topping 40 degrees and so if you're hiring a boat this summer a dip will simply be far too tempting to pass up. To make water time that much more enjoyable, many of our boat partners are now offering an array of water toys. Read on to learn more about the most popular water toys you can hire across many of our boat[...]