Why Catamaran Hire Is Best For Your Sydney Harbour Cruise

Sydney Harbour is a sparkling aquatic waterway surrounded by hundreds of kilometres of shoreline, historic landmarks, and national parks. It attracts thousands of couples, groups of friends, families, and solo travellers from all around the world due to its breathtakingly scenic beauty and lively vibes.

Taking a ferry is usually on the list, be it over to Taronga Zoo or to the popular suburb of Manly. It gives people a nice taster of being on the water; but that taster also brings envy, of all the privately owned vessels that pass you by that are cruising around freely, exploring all the hidden nooks and crannies Sydney Harbour has been shaped with. It doesn't take long before a boat charter springs to mind as something you just have to do here, whether you are just visiting, or a Sydney-sider local!

For the majority, a catamaran is the vessel of choice, mainly for it's affordable cost when you split it to a per person rate. For example a 30 person motorboat or yacht will cost in excess of $700 per hour! While a catamaran is little as half that, from $350 per hour. Catamarans are also in abundance and one of the most popular boat types for boat hire businesses and for those wealthy enough to privately own one. They really are the ultimate in luxury sailing, and anywhere, not just in Sydney Harbour.

Here's why you should opt to hire a catamaran as your boat of choice when you plan your first, or indeed next, cruise:


Excellent For Cruising In Shallow Water 

Shallow Draft Catamaran

Catamarans don't sit very low in the water; they have a very shallow draft, which varies from 1-4 feet, depending on the size of the catamaran and whether it has 'mini-keels' or 'daggerboards' (often found in more racing type catamarans). Due to this shallow draft it allows them to enter shallow bays, harbours and other areas that monohulls can’t get into. This means you will not only be able to go where others can't but you can also anchor away from the other vessels and enjoy peace and serenity in the shallow waters.


Ample Space Inside & Out

kirralee 3 catamaran Sydney Harbour

Catamarans are much more spacious and more comfortable than single-hulled vessels. In fact, modern cruising catamarans are getting roomier than an equivalent length monohull. They have larger cabins, airier social areas and wider deck areas. On the wide cockpit, you can set up deck chairs and hammocks quite easily to really customise your comfort. If you're not one for lounging but you are one for eating (aren't we all) then most catamarans have a dedicated BBQ area so you really have everything you need on your charter.

They have good storage space; ok that doesn't seem that beneficial to the group wanting to hire a catamaran as such, until they realise this storage is used for all the toys they can utilise on their charter. Inflatables, floating frog mats, kayaks, paddleboards - you can fit a lot more on a catamaran and most catamaran hire options have all these kinds of toys thrown in for free!


Catamarans Are Safe & Stable

tiger iv 2 catamaran Sydney Harbour

Tourists can fear rough weather and a severe rocking boat giving them motion sickness. Some also have thoughts of being thrown overboard! The reality is Sydney Harbour is very well protected from swells and going overboard is extremely unlikely. As for motion sickness, well that's where opting to hire a catamaran is a sensible option. On calm days any vessel is quite fine in Sydney Harbour but if the wind does pick up and with it there's a little swell, well, a catamaran due to it's two hulls really cuts motion down allowing you to make the most of your cruise experience, rather than having your head over the side.


Plenty Of Fun To Be Had

wanderlust 3 catamaran Sydney Harbour

Most catamarans in Sydney Harbour are generally sailing catamarans designed for recreational purpose. So if you wanted to put a bit more excitement into your experience then you can opt for a sailing experience; get yourself winching on the ropes, turning the boat, catching the wind in the sails and feeling the power of the catamaran when it's not on the engines! Or course you can just have more of a chilled affair; making us of the BBQ, the toys, and lazing on the trampolines on the front while listening to your favourite music as you cruise around all the bays and stare at the affluent houses that are lined all along Sydney Harbour.

Catamarans offer complete privacy as the sleeping quarters are separate from each other in the hulls and from all of the activity in the salon and lounging areas. They have fully-furnished bedrooms and bathrooms. So if you are keen for a multiple days experience they are also a great option for 2 sets of couples or families.


360-Degree Views

aussie magic 5 catamaran Sydney Harbour

The spacious salon offers gorgeous views surrounding Sydney Harbour. Monohulls offer open decks at either the stern or bow, but still partially block your view. Having this full 360 degree view is a plus if your doing sightseeing or of course have hired for the Sydney NYE fireworks. There is so much to see within Sydney Harbour having an unobstructed view really helps when you want to get that perfect shot.

So there you have it. A few reasons why hiring a catamaran is your vessel of choice should you want to get out and about on the water this summer.

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