Snorkelling Fun In Sydney Harbour With These Great Toys!

30 Jan 2016 Things To Do

There are loads of great spots to snorkel around Sydney Harbour - all the coves, bays and beaches provide a large number of options.

Well now when you book a cruise on our floating lounge boat you'll also be able to hire our amazing Sea Scooters!



These James Bond like machines will propel you through the water at a speed 'almost' equal to Michael Phelps! But without getting tired of course!

We have 2 Sea Scooters available to hire which will last over 1 hour each. They have 3 speeds, you simply pull on the triggers and you're off. And if you let go, don't worry they just stop and float to the top.


Want Some Great Footage?

No problem - the Sea Scooters come with GoPro mounts to be able to film whilst you glide and capture everything you explored down below. These are at no extra price of course.


Tim at talked to us about these great underwater toys, saying;

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"Effortless gliding through the water above and below the surface, that is what riding a sea scooter is all about and Sea-Doo Seascooters simply are unbeatable when it comes to value, weight and speed.

"Think propeller assisted snorkel around your local beaches. Think fun in the pool. Think throwing it in the back of the car on your next road-trip to explore new shores, bays and beaches."



Total Hire Price - $200 (x2 Sea Scooters + GoPro Footage)

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