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What's At The Bottom Of Sydney Harbour

25 Jan 2016
The Ucruise Team are always active on the harbour and of course a common questions by many boat tourists, locals, sail teams, etc, is - I wonder what interesting things lie below the surface and wouldn't it be great flush all the water away for a moment to reveal what's down there.Well courtesy of the survey team at Sydney Ports we can now view a 3D [...]

5 Reasons to Book a Sydney Harbour Cruise in Winter

28 Jun 2023
Sydney, the crowning jewel of Australia, with its iconic landmarks and stunning beaches, has so much to offer. However, for many tourists, winter in Sydney is an experience that is often overlooked, and unfairly! With mild temperatures rarely falling below 10°C (50°F), winter in Sydney is more agreeable than one might expect - in more ways than one!F[...]