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Ucruise Catering Options

15 Dec 2015
We have now expanded our catering options offering you a much wider choice of food and drink options to incorporate on your cruise with us!Select from the most amazing antipasto and cheese platters, wholesome baguette platters, fresh zesty salads, and for those with a sweet tooth some really yummy desserts. View our catering options here. We are[...]

Culinary Delights on Sydney Harbour: Food and Wine Cruises

30 Aug 2023
Sydney Harbour and its Culinary SceneSydney Harbour, the jewel in Australia's crown, is known the world over for its stunning vistas, iconic structures, and a vibrant culinary scene. Thanks to the harbour city’s unique fusion of cultures, Sydney’s food landscape is an enticing mix of the modern and traditional, and renowned chefs, food artisans and w[...]