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Snorkelling Fun In Sydney Harbour With These Great Toys!

30 Jan 2016
There are loads of great spots to snorkel around Sydney Harbour - all the coves, bays and beaches provide a large number of options.Well now when you book a cruise on our floating lounge boat you'll also be able to hire our amazing Sea Scooters! These James Bond like machines will propel you through the water at a speed 'almost' equal to Michael[...]

Family-Friendly Fun: Enjoying Sydney Harbour with Kids on The Floating Lounge

31 Jul 2023
When it comes to the quintessential Sydney experience, nothing quite compares to the allure of a Sydney Harbour cruise. The city's multitude of charter boats are a testament to this, offering locals and tourists alike the chance to experience the city from a uniquely breathtaking perspective. From the Sydney Opera House to the Harbour Bridge and Cock[...]

Culinary Delights on Sydney Harbour: Food and Wine Cruises

30 Aug 2023
Sydney Harbour and its Culinary SceneSydney Harbour, the jewel in Australia's crown, is known the world over for its stunning vistas, iconic structures, and a vibrant culinary scene. Thanks to the harbour city’s unique fusion of cultures, Sydney’s food landscape is an enticing mix of the modern and traditional, and renowned chefs, food artisans and w[...]