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30 Jan 2016 Ucruise News

We're pleased to announce our new Ucruise Blog!

Ucruise Blog

What's Here?

Here is where you can read about all the cool things that are happening around Sydney Harbour and some great cruise experiences that you can be part of!


That's Great - But I Like Visual Stuff!

Well if you prefer more visual stuff, we have it! Loads of fresh imagery and videos regularly posted to showcase what an amazing time you can have on the water and on nearby beaches and bays. Sydney Harbour lifestyle if you will!


I'm A Tourist, Sightseeing?

Well, of course, Sydney Harbour showcases an array of popular landmarks and on the water is one of the best ways to experience Sydney. Also the surrounding cafes, bars and restaurants are plentiful; we'll tell you all about them and even take you to them if you book a cruise with us!


How Can I Make Sure I Don't Miss Your Posts?

Easy! Follow us on social!


Alternatively bookmark us so you can check back often - we'll be posting new stuff every week!


Offers and Discounts?!

Also offers and discounts! Almost forgot! If you want money off your cruise with us here's the place to visit - comment on our posts, share the posts you like and who knows you might be contacted to receive our contributor discount!