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Valentine's Day Special Cruise Offer!

02 Feb 2016
THIS COMPETITION HAS NOW ENDED... Win a 3hr sunset cruise with complimentary champagne courtesy of Pommery for you and someone special this Valentine's Day!You'll see this post on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media channels.Simply follow us on any one of these channels and ALSO like this Valentine's Day post for your[...]

Family-Friendly Fun: Enjoying Sydney Harbour with Kids on The Floating Lounge

31 Jul 2023
When it comes to the quintessential Sydney experience, nothing quite compares to the allure of a Sydney Harbour cruise. The city's multitude of charter boats are a testament to this, offering locals and tourists alike the chance to experience the city from a uniquely breathtaking perspective. From the Sydney Opera House to the Harbour Bridge and Cock[...]

Chasing Sunshine? Try a Spring Escape on the Harbour!

01 Sep 2023
There's a certain charm that envelops the city of Sydney as winter thaws, giving way to the vibrant hues and blossoming wonders of spring. As the days grow longer and the temperatures become more amiable, Sydney transforms into a radiant spectacle, a canvas painted with the most stunning colours that nature can muster. This is why spring is often con[...]