Rose Bay Wharf

Rose Bay Wharf

Rose Bay Wharf is located West of the Sydney Harbour Bridge just on Middle Harbour. In this area there are actually two wharfs, Rose Bay Wharf, pictured above, and Rose Bay Ferry Wharf, which as the name suggests, is where ferries moor to pick up commuters. If you are hiring a boat through Ucruise Sydney it is more than likely that Rose Bay Wharf will be the pick up location, especially if you are hiring a catamaran or smaller fibreglass vessel. The ferry wharf is used more for pubic transport.

Choosing Rose Bay Wharf for Your Cruise Pick Up

Rose Bay Wharf is a great option for those hiring a boat through Ucruise Sydney and wanting a pick up, or drop off somewhere around the Eastern suburbs. Other wharfs you may want to look at are Double Bay Wharf or Watsons Bay. Our staff will be able to advise on the closest wharf that is suitable to your specific booking. The safest option, and something which we always recommend is a CBD wharf such as the King Street Wharfs in Darling Harbour.

Getting to Rose Bay Wharf

Rose Bay Wharf is easily accessible by various modes of transportation, ensuring convenience for both locals and tourists. For those traveling by car, ample parking is available nearby, allowing easy access to the wharf. Additionally, public buses serve the Rose Bay area, providing an alternative for those using public transit. However, one of the most scenic and popular ways to reach Rose Bay Wharf is by ferry. Ferries operate regularly from Circular Quay, offering a picturesque journey across Sydney Harbour with stunning views of iconic landmarks. The ferry ride to Rose Bay is not only a practical transportation option but also an experience in itself, allowing passengers to soak in the beauty of the harbour. The ferry journey typically takes around 15-20 minutes, providing a quick and enjoyable transit option. Ticket prices may vary, but the cost is reasonable, making it an accessible and attractive choice for those looking to travel to Rose Bay in a relaxed and scenic manner.

Local Amenities

The ferry wharf is equipped with essential amenities to enhance the passenger experience. Facilities such as seating areas, information boards, and ticketing services ensure a comfortable and user-friendly environment. Nearby, there are cafes and shops, allowing travelers to grab a coffee or snack before embarking on their journey. The wharf for Ucruise Sydney boat hire pick ups and drop offs, is not sheltered unfortunately but very easy to access with plenty of space to carry food and drink items etc.

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Popular Boats for Rose Bay Pick Up
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Cheeky Monkey

A Re-purposed Whale Watching Vessel Perfect a Summer Party.

From: $350.00 per hour

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Monkey Business

Open Plan Jungle Themed Party Boat

From: $500.00 per hour

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Catamarans - Small Boats

Champagne Lady

A Spacious Catamaran Great For All Occasions

From: $300.00 per hour

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Elysium II

A Luxurious Catamaran For All Occasions

From: $325.00 per hour