Best Boat Hire Water Toy Add Ons

08 Dec 2022 Other Stuff

Summers in Sydney sees temperatures topping 40 degrees and so if you're hiring a boat this summer a dip will simply be far too tempting to pass up. To make water time that much more enjoyable, many of our boat partners are now offering an array of water toys. Read on to learn more about the most popular water toys you can hire across many of our boats to really get the most out of your boat hire experience.



Some charter boats will offer free use of their snorkelling equipment to guests on-board if requested and of course you are more than welcome to bring your own gear on the day if you wish. The natural beauty of Sydney harbour is mirrored once you go below the water’s surface and with such a large array of aquatic life to see, the hours will pass like minutes as you explore this underwater world.  


Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP boards)

The Stand-Up Paddle Board or SUP, is another great addition to a Sydney charter and you will find these available on a number of different boats in Sydney Harbour. The cost of hire does vary from boat to boat and usual hire fees range from $50 to $150 for an average 4-hour charter, some boats will offer this as a free addition to the cruise so make sure to check with your Ucruise rep for the exact details surrounding your preferred vessel.  

With the added luxury of being able to step from your charter boat straight onto your SUP you don’t even need to get wet if you don’t want to and a great way to get that perfect picture with a stunning Sydney backdrop as a memento for the day.



Catamaran hire on Sydney Harbour would have to be one of the most requested charter bookings we get and if you’re out on the harbour on a weekend you will quickly see why just based on the number available. Almost every Catamaran has a Lily-pad on-board and a large number of other vessels will also have one available. Again, there are hire fees associated with the use of a Lily-pad and for a 4-hour charter you will be looking at around $100 to $150 if you did want access. Suitable for kids, families and small groups, this large floating mat acts as a swimming aid or just another way to relax on Sydney Harbour. The Lily-pad is placed out into the water and is secured to the boat so you don’t need to worry about floating off into the sunset but be prepared to get wet!


Inflatable Water Slide

One water toy that is less common to see while out on your private charter is the inflatable water slide. Usually a feature on the larger yachts and super yachts this is a super fun addition to your day and can be used by everyone in your group. Costs run from $795 and that will guarantee you at least 1 hour of usage based on a 4-hour charter. There is a bit of time needed for set up and shut down and you will need to have this added to your booking prior to the day but there is no better way to take that first plunge into Sydney Harbour than from the top of your water slide.

If this is something you would be interested in adding to your harbour cruise then make sure to enquire as to which boats have this available, you won’t regret it.


Inflatable Rock-Climbing Wall

Another feature found only on your larger charter yachts in Sydney Harbour is the Inflatable Rock Climbing wall. Test your strength and agility as you attempt to scale the rock wall but just remember, if you don’t make it to the top then you're going for a swim like it or not! A crane housed on the boat is used to set this up and just like the water slide, there is some set up and shut down time needed. Set up team time trials or just challenge yourself to accomplish the task of reaching the top but give it your best as it’s not every day you get an opportunity to try something like this.  



Did you know that on any given weekend especially during the summer months you have a very good chance of spotting a Flamingo or Unicorn in Sydney Harbour? Over the years we have seen every type of inflatable toy you can think of and most boats will have a collection stored onboard and there is usually no charge for usage. Guests are more than welcome to bring their own inflatables on-board for their Sydney Harbour cruise but for safety’s sake and ease at boarding just bring them deflated as they can be pumped up once your group has boarded your boat. But do check in advance the boat operator has a pump for you.  


With so many additions to consider for your boat cruise, please reach out to your Ucruise rep to help suggest what would be best for your event.