Northwood Wharf

Northwood Wharf

Nestled in between Greenwich and Longueville, just inside the mouth of Lane Cove River, Northwood Wharf is one of the more picturesque wharf available for Sydney Harbour cruise pick up and drop off in Sydney Harbour. It is, however, a small wharf and is classified as "not accessible" by Transport for NSW, so if your group has special access requirements, please let our team know when you book your boat hire through Ucruise Sydney and we'll recommend a more suitable option for you. If possible, we always recommend selecting a wharf closer to Sydney CBD such as the King Street Wharfs in Darling Harbour, but there are several wharfs near Northwood that could also be options for you and your group.

Choosing Northwood Wharf for Your Cruise Pick Up

Northwood Wharf's location just inside the mouth of Lane Cove River make it an attractive pick up choice fro small-to-medium sized groups based mainly in Lane Cove River adjacent areas such as Longueville, Atarmon or St Leonards. As it's a smaller wharf set in a mainly residential area, however, amenities are not as easy to find as in other parts of Sydney Harbour.

Getting to Northwood Wharf

Northwood Wharf can be accessed by public transport either overland or by water. It's a stop for the CCLC ferry, which visits a few times every day, and has bus stops for the 261 service within a 5-minute walk. There are no bike racks available at the wharf, however, so coming on two wheels might not be the best option. Arriving by car, you'll find a small commuter parking area just at the wharf entrance, although spaces are limited. Parking elsewhere may be short-stay only or limited to permit holders, so we'd recommend doing a bit of research before you commit to parking here. Pick up and drop off by car is a breeze.

Local amenities

Because Northwood is a mainly residential area, amenities are few and far between. For example, if you need to pick up some last-minute ice or beers, the nearest bottleshop is a 15-minute walk back up Northwood Road. Shops for other items such as food or sunblock are likely even further afield back in central Lane Cove. For that reason, if you have booked to be picked up from Northwood Wharf, please be sure to do all your cruise-related shopping with enough time prior to embarking.

Northwood Wharf Interactive Map & Street View
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