New Year's Eve 2019 on Sydney Harbour

New Year's Eve is getting bigger every year!


New Year's Eve is a big event in any major city, but in Sydney it really is extra special and something you'll want to experience at least once in your lifetime. Sydney Harbour's landscape and iconic landmarks provide an astonishing backdrop, which is needed to match the amazing fireworks display that's created each year by a truly talented pyrotechnics team. View last year's New Year's Eve fireworks display below.


Fireworks all around you

Some people think there is only one or two main locations where the fireworks are set off from. There is in fact at least 7 fireworks barges that are set up ready for the event. So whether you are on the North side or the South side, or East or West of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you'll have a pretty decent vantage point. See below barge locations, free locations and paid areas.

Sydney Harbour Fireworks Map


Where's the best place to be for the Sydney Harbour Fireworks?

The above map shows all the main locations people flock to in order to get a good uninterrupted view of the fantastic displays. Unfortunately with crowds growing exponentially each and every year - getting those perfect shots and capturing the moment as you want can prove difficult - unless of course you are willing to camp out overnight to secure your patch of land. You can also expect transport in and out of the city and everywhere on the waterfront to be fairly shoulder to shoulder; but for an event as big as this, it is to be expected.

If you want something free, you generally will have to forfeit a lot of time, arriving super early and claiming your spot or even getting sorted the night before. If you don't mind paying there are a lot of bars and pubs that offer packages but again get in quick for your tickets, a lot will have gone already. Normally for the good spots like the Opera Bar it will set you back about $495 a ticket.


What's the number 1, the best option?

Without a shadow of a doubt being on a boat on Sydney Harbour is the best of the best! There are ticket options on larger vessels where it's similar to the packages the bars and pubs have but you're surrounded by hundreds of boats, the most you will probably ever see on the harbour at any one time. The ticket price can even be cheaper than that of places like the Opera Bar! That's right, a more unique venue, a great view and it costs less!

A step up from that is a having your own private vessel - if you ever wanted to celebrate New Year's Eve in the most perfect way, surrounded by your closest friends and family and have a memorable experience that will last forever, well that's it right there! Ucruise Sydney has plenty of vessels that offer private hire for New Year's Eve and on calculating the per person price, it isn't that much more than some of the ticket options being advertised.


Making the most of it and wanting a private vessel for New Year's Eve?

YOLO right?! Send us a message here. Or call Ucruise Sydney on 0422 222 675 and we'll do our very best to find a suitable vessel for you so you can celebrate the New Year in the best way possible!

New Years Eve Sydney Harbour