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It seems odd that an island given over to naval activities should be named 'Garden', but it gains its name from the brief period it was used as a garden. And let's face it, it has a much better ring than Naval Island, doesn't it?

No longer technically an island after extensive land reclamation, it is still home to active dockyards. The northern end is open to visitors and is home to the Royal Australian Naval Heritage Centre and outdoor heritage precinct.

Only accessible via boat, it makes a fascinating stop off point when cruising the harbour. Not only will the 'In Peace and War' exhibition enthral you, but the quiet gardens and grassy area hidden behind the centre is ideal for a family picnic. Alternatively the Salthorse Cafe offers great food with a fabulous harbour view.

Garden Island is a blend of history, industry, country and stunning views; it's one not to be missed.

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